Learn About PromoMatting Custom Mats in this Interview from PPAI Expo

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PromoMatting VP David Rones discusses custom mats at PPAI Expo 2013Learn about the different types of custom mats PromoMatting offers, how they are used, and the questions we ask when helping you select the right floor mats for your clients!

PromoMatting VP David Rones explains this and more in his recent interview with the Industry Show at the PPAI Expo.

Learn more about how we can help your clients promote their brand in this informative video!


  1. Thomas Ricker

    Great video. Thanks for sharing because I really learned a lot from it. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive to be successful. There are lots of ways to advertise using cost-effective means. Take for example these mats. Custom mats can be designed in such a way that people will recognize the product or company being advertised at the same time that it can be used for cleaning. A great way to save and have a perfect advertising medium.

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